Chelsea Alumni Association’s mission is to create avenues for Chelsea alumni to communicate, connect, volunteer, support, and participate in Chelsea Schools and Chelsea-related activities.

Original Chelsea High School on East Street 19— to 1960

Original Chelsea High School on East Street 1910 to 1959.

Greetings fellow CHS Alumni

This is an exciting time! We are happy to announce the 
CHELSEA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (CAA) and hope that you will consider joining us. CAA is a committee of the Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF), led by an excited 15-member volunteer steering committee of CHS alumni. By partnering with the CEF we are able to share their donor software as a storage and communication tool as well as their 501c3 tax status. This is huge.  Remember how good it feels to connect with classmates either at a reunion or somewhere out of the blue? There is something special and comforting about our shared experiences and the sense of belonging they create. CAA seeks to foster that Bulldog history and pride and see where it takes us. We invite you to be a part of CAA. Enjoy the links with your past and stay in touch with the pulse of what’s happening today at CHS.

Steering Committee

L to R Joan Weber, Sandy Weber, Rob Mida, Jane Diesing, Jan Bernath, Ellie McCalla, Angie Smith, Anne Mann, Geneva Smith,
Jennifer Smith, Lynne Faist, Jane Shrosbree, Laurie Gravelyn, Barb Boylan Lewis, John Brier

Jane Diesing ’65


Ellie McCalla ’11


Lynne Faist ‘ 68


Jan Bernath ’58
John Brier ’64
Laurel Gravelyn ’71
Jeff Holzhausen ’92
Barb Boylan Lewis ’73
Julia Applegate ’86

Rob Mida ’00
Jane Mann Shrosbree ’71
Angie Smith ’70
Joan Weber ’80
Sandy Weber ’58
Wayne Welton ’72

Be a part of CAA!
To meet our mission of connecting alumni to each other, we need you. Consider joining us so we can all be in the loop. CEF/CAA will safeguard your personal information. We will not sell or share your personal information. Being part of CAA does not cost anything. But, we’re new, and to build our alumni association, we need help. Donations to CAA will be used in this initial stage to cover administrative costs like postage, printing, mailing, website creation, etc. Moving forward we hope to use donations to give back: potentially a legacy scholarship, hosting events to engage alumni, and more.

Questions or need information? Email us at:

[email protected]